Photo of Wilson Tucker AKA Bob Tucker
Bob's newest award, a retro-Hugo Award for Fan Writing in 1953, presented at the 2004 World Science Fiction Convention in Boston.
Wilson Tucker
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Tucker Tribute - 2001 
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another look at Bob's last Hugo
Arthur Wilson Tucker turned 90 in November, 2004 and the Dawn Patrol sponsored a party for him on November 27 at Jerry's Grille and the Ramada Inn in Bloomington, Illinois.
Bob Tucker's 90th Birthday

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Standing: Mike Evans, Dick Smith, Jenny Overkamp Evans, Leah Smith, Rick Lancaster, Jim Caughran, Peggy Skrha,
Michelle Zellich, Dave Carlson, Rich Zellich, Lynn Behrns, Roger Tener, Cathy Tener, Joan Marie Knappenberger,
Jim Knappenberger, Melissa Knappenberger, Margene Bahm, James Murray, Paula Helm Murray, Keith W. Stokes, Nancy Nutt,
Sitting: Fern Tucker, Wilson "Bob" Tucker, Teddy Bear (on Fern's lap)
On floor: Peter Picucci, Star Straf, Nancy Edwards, Alan Stevens, Carol Doms, Catherine Crockett, Colin Hinz

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