MidAmericon 2
The 74th World Science Fiction Convention
Bartle Hall Convention Center - Kansas City, Missouri
August 17-21, 2016
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Alfie Awards at the Hugo Losers Party
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George R. R. Martin and Alfie Awards on stage
The Alfie Awards and George R. R. Martin

George RR Martin was one of the founders of the first Hugo Losers Party and has taken the party back over in recent years. Following the Hugo Awards at Midamericon 2, George presented Alfie Awards (named for the very first Hugo winner Alfie Bester), made from real automobile hood ornaments to top Hugo Award nominees who were pushed off the final ballot by a block of voters who attempted to spoil the voting. This is the second year the Awards have presented

George R. R. Martin - Alfie Awards
George R. R. Martin giving the history of the Alfie Award

George R. R. Martin
Emma Newman and Peter Newman received the Alfie Award for Best Fancast. but were not present

Alexandra Erin - Alfie Award
Alexandra Erin received the Alfie Award for Best Fan Write

George R. R. Martin, John Picacio
John Picacio presents the Alfie Award for Best Graphic Story to "Bitch Planet Vol 1: Extraordinary Machine"

John O’Neill - Alfie Award
John O'Neill accepts a Special Committee Award on behalf of Black Gate
for turning down two Hugo nominations in protest of slate nominating.

James Bacon accepts the Alfie Award for Best Fanzine on behalf of him and Christopher J Garcia

Irene Gallo announces that the Alfie Award for Best Professional Artist goes to Julie Dillon.

Liza Groen Trombi, Adrienne Martini, Johnathan Strathan, Gary K. Wolfe
Locus magazine received a Special Committee Award for continued work in the field.
Liza Groen Trombi, Adrienne Martini, Johnathan Strathan, Gary K. Wolfe

Johnathan Strathan
Johnathan Strathan accepts the Aflie Awards for Best Related Work on behalf of Alisa Krasnostein & Alexandra Pierce

George R.R. Martin, Robert Silverberg
Robert Silverberg presents the Alfie Award for Best Short Story

Robert Silverberg, Pat Cadigan
Pat Cadigan takes a selfie with Robert Silverberg

Alyssa Wong, Robert Silverberg
Alyssa Wong receives the Alfie Award for Best Short Story

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