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Hotel- 1219 Holiday Drive  Bloomington, IL 61704 Map
(309) 662-5311
(800) 385-0000
$59/night 1-4 people
ask for Dawn Patrol room rate
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Tucker Tribute 
Bloomington, IL August 4, 2001
Celebrating the lives of Bob & Fern Tucker

Wilson Tucker, better known to science fiction fandom as BobFern Tucker

On Saturday, August 4, 2001 science fiction fans gathered at the Empire Inn and Conference Center in Bloomington, Illinois for a banquet and tribute to two people that we love, Wilson and Fern Tucker.

Hosted by the Dawn Patrol, the weekend was open to all. 

Friday Night: 

Folks gathering and going out to dinner in small groups.
Hospitality Room Open around 8PM till the cows come home... 
Group Breakfast at Bob Evans
Hospitality Room open after noon (sometime) till 5PM
Motor Tours of Bloomington.... (well maybe, it could happen)
autograph session with Bob & Fern at 2:30PM
Video of Archon 1989 Tucker Roast
Happy Hour at 5:30 PM... (open Bar)
Banquet At 6:30 PM...
Program at 7:30 PM...
Hospitality Rooms reopen 1/2 hour after end of program till the cows come home...(again) 
Buffet Menu
Roast Sirloin of Beef  Roast Turkey  Orange Roughy
 Baked potatoes  Cheese Broccoli  Vegetable Medley
Pasta Salad  Vegetable Marinade  Relish Tray
   Cookies & Sherbet  Coffee & Tea  Cash Bar

Contact Roger Tener or Keith Stokes for further details

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