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BYOc 2018 photos

2009 Dawn Patrol Gathering

Bob Tucker's 90th Birthday

Tucker Tribute in 2001

Dawn Patrol at KLOUDburst 14 

Final B-1B Afterburner Show

Dawn Patrol 2003 visit to the Kansas Cosmosphere

LeZombie & eZombie

Founded in 1998 by Roger "Pinky" Tener, the Dawn Patrol is a loose gathering of over 300 science fiction, space and aviation enthusiasts from throughout the United States and Canada. For years, each weekday morning Pinky published the email newsletter, The Chronicles of the Dawn Patrol.The Chronicles was filled with humor, science fiction fandom, space and aeronautics, and updates on the lives of the members.

Dawn Patrol members at Conraception 12

The Chronicles even spawned a weekly parody issue, Midnight Dusk Petrol, edited by Czarcon chairs Nancy and Ross Hathaway. 

The Chronicles of the Dawn Patrol are no longer published and many of the members of the Dawn Patrol have Gafiated (initialism, made from Getting Away From It All), but the members and friends still keep in touch and gather for a weekend in Huchinson, Kansas in February or March each year.

Roger Pinky Tener
Our founder

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